The Grizzly Den is a competition in which participants pitch their upcoming adventure, compete for funding to take their adventures to the next level, and receive mentorship and guidance from the grizzlies on the planning of their adventure. The Grizzly Den is funded by the Chinook Scout Foundation for any Scout, Venturer, or Rover group in Southern Alberta who are planning an adventure (big or small)!

Congratulations to our Grizzly Den winners for 2020, the 215 Strathcona Venturers! Their adventure begins this year, when they hike the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail.
  1. Prepare a Proposal

    Your group or section should prepare a proposal in any form you feel comfortable with - written, digital, video, etc. Make sure to tell the panel what the adventure is, who is going, how you have been preparing for it, how it relates to Scouting, safety considerations, and your current budget.

    Need some inspiration for an adventure?
  2. Submit the Proposal by February 28

    Submit your groups proposal by the deadline of February 28. 2021! Proposals are to be sent to
  3. Prepare for your Adventure!

    Continue to prepare for your adventure, the Grizzlies will help with their guidance and mentorship to make sure your adventure is the best it can be. Groups that are selected for additional funding will be notified and pitch their adventure to a panel of judges in April, who will determine whether they will "invest" in that group's adventure.

Any Questions?

We've answered some of the most common questions regarding the Grizzly Den competition below. If you're looking for any additional information please reach out to us at

How do groups participate?

The group or section must submit a proposal to the Grizzly Den by February 28th, 2021. Any group who passes the pre-screening requirements will pitch their adventure to a panel of judges (the Grizzlies) in April, who will determine whether they will “invest” in that group’s adventure. All groups who submit a proposal will receive mentorship from the Grizzlies in planning their adventure.

How much funding could groups win?

The amount of funding will depend on how many groups make it past the pre-screening phase and what type of adventures they are pitching. The Grizzly Den is not designed to fund the entire adventure, but rather to provide additional funding to encourage groups to take their adventures to the next level.

How do I submit a proposal?

Proposals can be in any form - written, digital, video, etc. Your proposal should tell the panel what the adventure is, who is going, how you have been preparing for it, how it relates to Scouting, safety considerations, and a budget. Proposals should be emailed to

What if we have never participated in an adventure or do not know where to start?

Send an email to letting the Grizzlies know you are interested but need some help creating an adventure application. A Grizzly will reach out to your group.

We have already completed most of our fundraising. Why should we pitch to the Grizzly Den?

The Grizzly Den provides more than just funding. The Grizzlies are all experts in Scouting adventures and will be able to provide “smart money” and expertise that will help ensure your group is successful on their adventure. Every group that applies to the Grizzly Den will receive guidance and mentorship from the Grizzlies.

What if we have to postpone our adventure due to COVID?

The Grizzlies recognize that the current global pandemic presents challenges for the planning and partaking in in-person adventures, and that there is a possibility that an adventure may not go ahead this year. They made the decision to go ahead with the Grizzly Den despite the uncertainty because they want to encourage the planning of adventures both big and small. If a group’s adventure is postponed or cancelled, the Grizzlies will ask that any money awarded go to the same or similar adventure in the future.

We are currently in Stage 1 (virtual) Scouting and don’t know when we will be able to participate in an in-person adventure again. Why should we bother putting together a proposal?

The Grizzlies recognize that this year is full of uncertainties due to the global pandemic. They encourage groups to think outside of the box when it comes to adventures this year, and to plan within the parameters of what may be possible this summer. Check previous newsletter messages or reach out to the Grizzlies for ideas of COVID-friendly adventures. Alternatively, start planning for a big adventure in the next year or two, and take advantage of your time now to pitch your adventure in the Grizzly Den this year! Adventures pitched in the Grizzly Den do not have to happen this year.


Download the Grizzly Den Competition PDF.

Need some Inspiration?

While there is still uncertainty about activity restrictions in 2021, the Grizzlies had some thoughts on adventure suggestions that would be local, affordable, and flexible to accommodate COVID safety precautions. Here are our ideas with a range of activities dependent on restrictions.



Base camp near town, tour the Royal Tyrell Museum, float the Red Deer River and camp on the shore, take a self-guided badlands tour, hike the hoodoo trails, visit Atlas Mine.

more information

Foothills by


Rent horses and a guide for this travelling camp, explore remote foothills trails, practice horse care, learn early history of pioneers and ranchers.

more information

Lost Lemon Mine Adventure

Base camp in the Crowsnest Pass, hike the trails related to the legend of the Lost Lemon Mine, learn history of prospectors and Alberta mines, tour sites of Belleville Mine, Hillcrest Mine, and Frank Slide, try out gold panning.

more information

Burgess Shale Experience

Book a guided tour of this World Heritage Site and learn about geology and fossils, camp in the Yoho or Banff National Parks, hike to mountain peaks and waterfalls, take a conservation tour.

more information