The Grizzly Den

Applications for 2024 Adventure's are being accepted now!

Running since 2019, the Grizzly Den event
has helped fund 77 adventures!

Adventure Grants are funded by the Chinook Scout Foundation.

Questions or prepared to send a submission? The Grizzlies may be reached at   

What is The Grizzly Den?

The Grizzly Den is a competition in which youth participants Pitch their upcoming Adventures and compete for an Adventure Grant. The experienced Grizzlies provide mentorship and guidance on all submissions and Judge the best Adventures on a number of criteria, including planning, budget, safety, and ambition.

The Grizzly Den competition is divided into two sections:

  • Ursa Minor - Adventure Pitches for Beaver & Cub troops
  • Ursa Major - Adventure Pitches for Scout, Venturer, & Rover troops

Where to get started?

Your Adventure starts with an idea. Dream Big and prepare for the Adventure of a lifetime.

Each group or section may submit an Adventure proposal to the Grizzlies for review. This is not your full Pitch; this will be done in person on the Pitch Day. Initial submissions should be in Work, PowerPoint, or Excel format. Pictures and video to support the initial submission are welcome too!


The Grizzlies will provide support and access to Subject Matter Experts where needed to help your Section get the most out of their Adventure. Funding for Adventures will depend on how many Sections make it past the pre-screening phase, and what type of Adventures are being pitched. The Grizzly Den competition is not intended to fund the entire adventure, but rather to provide additional funding to encourage groups to take their adventures to the next level.

Need some Inspiration?


Foothills by


Rent horses and a guide for this travelling camp, explore remote foothills trails, practice horse care, learn early history of pioneers and ranchers.

more information

Burgess Shale Experience

Book a guided tour of this World Heritage Site and learn about geology and fossils, camp in the Yoho or Banff National Parks, hike to mountain peaks and waterfalls, take a conservation tour.

more information

Yellowstone Trekking


Follow the path of the Yellowstone River over waterfalls and through valleys. See wildlife, mountain views, spectacular lakes, and Yellowstone's many iconic geothermal features.

more information

Vancouver Island

Sea Kayaking

Paddle the many bays, islands, and straits surrounding Vancouver Island. Kayaking excursions can bring you close to whales & seals, day hikes through Vancouver Islands old growth forests, and camping on remote wilderness beaches.

more information

Frequently Asked Questions

Since its inception in 2018 the Chinook Grizzly Den has supported over 1,500 Chinook Council Youth going on 77 Adventures!

Download a copy of the FAQ to bring to your next Section meeting

What is the Grizzly Den?

The Grizzly Den is all about helping to get the Council’s Youth and Scouters out on Amazing and Safe Adventures. We have two areas we focus on but are willing to help in lots of ways.

  1. Helping our new and existing Section Scouters ensure they get the most out of their Adventures. We can help with any or all of these:
    1. Need help with new Adventure Ideas?
    2. Need help with the planning process?
    3. Need access to equipment?
    4. Need access to skills and/or Subject Matter Experts?
    5. Need to practice new skills before your Adventure?
    6. Need help with Adventure funds?
  2. Helping your Youth and Families better understand the Adventure and what goes into planning an Adventure.

Who is eligible?

Any Chinook Council Beaver and Cub Sections who are planning an adventure (big or small)!

How do groups participate in the Grizzly Den Competition?

All sections must submit information in a Word, PowerPoint or Excel format about the Group and Section via email to the Grizzly Den on or before Monday November 13, 2023 at

The submission should include Group and Section information, section contact information, number of section youth participating, and number of section Scouters participating.

Are there any templates for Adventure submissions?

The Grizzlies have put together some sample Adventure applications for Beaver/Cub Sections. These are recommendations to help you build out a great Adventure proposal, remember to add your own unique flair!

Need help budgeting for you Adventure?

How much support could the Grizzlies invest in your adventure?

If requested, the Grizzlies will provide access to Subject Matter Experts to help your Section get the most out of their Adventure. The Grizzlies could provide financial support to your Adventure. The amount of funding will depend on how many Sections apply to the Grizzly Den Competition.

In 2022, the Grizzlies supported 15 Beaver and Cub Adventures.